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Affordable Sober Living in Orange County

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Affordable Sober Living

  • Safety & Comfort

  • 20 years in Business

  • Over 24 Houses in OC Area

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George Folk, Founder

Action Alliance Services, Inc.

  • George Folk is 100% owner and a very well known person in the rooms of recovery in Orange County. George is an icon in Orange County that has literally pulled people out from under bridges, out from behind dumpsters and off bus stops and put them into a Sober Living Home. YES people relapse and leave Action Alliance owing us money. George never gives up on anyone!! George believes no matter how many times someone relapses "If they are alive they have a chance to get sober!

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Amazing Reviews

5 Star Rated Reviews "Good place. They took me in when I had no place to go, no funds,etc. You do have to get a job quickly and pay what you owe but that's reasonable. Til I got on my feet they provided house food and helped with with clothes. I owe a lot to them."

5 Star Rated Reviews "These guys have saved my life more than once! Great organization!"

5 Star Customer Reviews

5 Star Rated Reviews

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Action Alliance Services, Inc. Special Offer

Affordable Sober Living

We take people in off the streets with no job and no money. The only thing we require is that they have a desire to stop using drugs and drinking.

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