We operate 22 houses in Orange County, housing approx 300 people who would otherwise be on the streets.

We take people in off the streets with no job and no money. The only thing we require is that they have a desire to stop using drugs and drinking.

We give our residents 1-2 weeks to find a job and then we put them on a payment plan to pay back the back rent. We also welcome and accept men/women who have Dual Diagnosis Issues (Mental Health/Addiction) We welcome Men/Women on SSI


  • 4 AA Meetings a week (Zoom meetings are acceptable at this time due to Covid)
  • The resident must be working with a sponsor
  • Every resident is assigned a chore
  • There is a curfew of 11pm. However during Covid the curfew is earlier unless a special request is made
  • We have a zero tolerance for drinking/using drugs. However we do not put people on the street, we will move them to another house if they relapse
  • We accept men/women that have Dual Diagnosis Issues
  • If the resident is coming in off the streets the Manager/Assistant Manager will help them get on Food Stamps
  • We administer Drug Tests/Alcohol Tests randomly and for reasonable cause
  • There are plenty of clothes/donations at the house that will help the women and men coming in off the street start to put their lives back together
  • We require the residents to find jobs. If the resident is on SSI Income then the House Manager will typically ask them to volunteer 20 hours a week someplace in the Community.